Wednesday, May 2, 2012

For the next 31 days this blog will display the blessings of anointed declarations and insights from my pastor, Joel Osteen, whom I love and adore.  Let those who enter these pages be blessed beyond their wildest dreams and discover the real truth about who they are and who they are meant to be!

I am going to receive the new opportunities GOD has for me.  I know there are dreams He will bring to pass in my life.  I choose not to settle, but to pursue my GOD-given goals, knowing it's never too late to accomplish everything GOD has placed in my heart.  This is my declaration of who I am. 

That dream that is on the inside is part of your purpose, it's part of who you were created to be.  That's why it's so important that we don't keep making excuses....that we don't keep putting it off.  This means you may have to prune some things out of your life so you can go back school at night & get the training that you you can get up & go to the gym early so you can get back into shape & live a long healthy life...... you may have to stretch yourself to write that book, to start that business, to coach the ball team, to go on the missionary trip.  Whatever it is .... GOD is saying now is the time to get is the time to get out of your comfort zone and pursue those GOD-given goals.   Let me encourage you to start taking steps toward them even if they're small steps.  If your dream is to be in ministry, don't wait for Billy Graham to call you, go up to the prison and encourage the inmates....or start a Bible study at the office, at your home.  If your dream is to have your own business, you can't just sit back and expect GOD to hand it to you on a silver platter..... start researching it, develop your business plan.....learn from others.....get good advice.  The scripture says to give yourself to your gift.  That means do whatever you can to make it happen.  You may have tried & it not worked out.  Listen,  this is a new day and every disappointment and everything that didn't work out ~ GOD didn't waste that.....He used it to deposit something on the inside.  That's what's got you prepared for where you are right now.  It may not have happened in the past but the most important time of your life is the next 24 hours.  What are you gonna do with the time you have left?  You & I can't afford to sit around, waste another year with no passion, thinking we don't have what it takes in a career we don't enjoy....... giving the best of our life to something that doesn't excite us.  Well make up your mind with me that you're gonna make the changes and that you're gonna start moving toward your destiny.  That means that we're gonna get out of our comfort zones.....we're gonna start stretching.  We're gonna dream bigger....we're gonna think better ... we're gonna act wiser......we're gonna rise and accomplish everything that GOD's placed in our heart.   Friends, life is too short to live complacent.  If you're not actively moving toward your purpose, taking steps to grow & improve, then that will keep you from experiencing life to the full.  The scripture says in Proverbs, "complacency kills."  That means being stuck in a rut , not growing, not pursuing opportunities....that'll kill your passion, kill your dreams, kill your sense of purpose.  On a regular basis you need to re-evaluate what you're doing, what your goals are, what are you pursuing, and be willing to make the necessary adjustments.  There's nothing worse than going thru life being dissatisfied, knowing that we're doing less than what He's created us to be.   Many people today are living with a low-level pain because they're not pursuing their dreams, they're not following their passions......they keep putting things on hold, making excuses, and they live with this feeling of dissatisfaction.  Today is a new day.....GOD is lighting a new fire inside .... dreams are coming back to life...... hope is being restored..... vision is being reignited .... As you start moving toward your purpose, that low-level pain will go.  The blahs....the no enthusiasm will leave and you'll feel a spring come back into your step.  You'll felt the sense of destiny....knowing that GOD is breathing in your direction.  You were made for are anointed, equipped, empowered......... don't you dare settle where you are...... GOD has greater things in your future.  You may have put it on hold for a long time...... the good news is it's not too late to get started.  You can begin right now.  If you'll make that decision to shake off the complacency and start pursuing what GOD placed in your can still become everything GOD's      created you to be.  
And that, as they say, is that!  Amen!  

Sharoni voice to those with none....

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