Saturday, November 7, 2009

An Autobiography of a Love Affair Between Me and GOD

It's been a long time since the last entry....but who cares, really? This is for me. I don't believe anyone else reads this except my sweetie. But it is out there, just in case..........................

Recently, Max and I were talking about blogging and how much fun it is. He even became inspired and started his own. It will be around for our children when we pass on. That's one thing. As a child who has been missing her parent for 29 years now, I know how much I would cherish any writings my father left me, if he had left me any. But, alas, he did not. So, I have to rely on the old memory banks. Luckily, pictures are worth a thousand words! But, I want my children to have more than just their memories.....I want them to have a piece of my heart. I have a special leather journal with significant quotes, thoughts, and excerpts of writings that are so eloquent that I would not even dare to alter, even with my thoughts regarding them. They stand on their own merit, and the kids can enjoy things that have meant something to me. And yes, the grandbabies as well.

But, yes, there is always a but somewhere out there waiting for insertion........ obviously the most important thing to me during my entire life ~ oh how I love saying that! ~ is my relationship with my GOD.....all of Him. And that's where this idea for an autobiography came into being. I have led a very interesting life. And the key word is lived. So, I will begin this will not be written here, but excerpts from time to time will appear.

This morning I simply say:
"Bless the LORD oh my soul! Bless His Holy Name!"
Psalm 103 is one of the dearest scriptures to me. It has carried me over the past several years; it blesses me to bless the lifts me improves my gives me strength....because I honor Him Who is the source of my strength.
As I work daily with people whose strength wanes, I appreciate what little I have left. And I enjoy understanding that I also have the option to rebuild more strength.
Oh BLESS the LORD....oh my soul!!

In His Love.....

Sharoni voice to those with none....