Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nigeria to Me!

Well.....I've never been one to doubt that GOD will grant me the desires of my heart. He's proven Himself much too faithful to leave me even the tiniest smidgeon of doubt. From my earliest memories, I have carried a love for Africa in my heart. Africa and India...the two places on earth that I am continually drawn in my spirit and have the most intense love amazes me! Despite my wants and wailings, the LORD has never allowed me to go to the flesh. But I have been there in my dreams, my thoughts, my heart. Now, He, in the wonderful ways that only GOD can pull off, has brought Africa to me.
As a child, we had family friends who were missionaries in Africa, Nigeria and Kenya to be precise, and I loved to sit and listen to their stories, cherished the gifts they brought to our home, and loved all things that were mysteriously Africa to me. As I grew, I constantly looked for opportunities to seek out people who had been there and lapped up their tales as a thirsty man does water.
At my current place of employment, there are several nurses and aids who are native Nigerians. I am in heaven! I love to just sit and listen to them speak....about anything! The musical lilt of that accent....I can never get enough. And I have developed a friendship with them. One beautiful lady and I have become friends, and she is a beautiful, beautiful soul. This past weekend I was invited to join in at her church for a series of special meetings. The speakers were all from - Ta-Da! - Nigeria! I was in heaven!
It never ceases to amaze me the passion that Christians from anywhere but here have for Jesus. There is no shame, no apology, no compromise....just pure passion and love. Such grace that blows me away! The depth in simplicity....the beauty in just loving on Him and sharing that love with one another.... We do not need slick productions to worship. As a matter of fact, I think we do more harm than good with them. It distracts from that which is most important .... hearing HIS voice.
God love you, my Nigerian friends. I have been so honored to worship with you! I can hardly wait for the next opportunity!
There is a song that I have been wrapped in for the past couple of months or so. It was on a free CD that the Vineyard church we visited gave us....what a lovely gift and what a blessing it has turned out to be. The LORD has spoken to me so often when I worship with it and it has become very, very special to me. I close with these precious words of worship:

Jesus, You're more than a friend ... Jesus, You're more than my heart could ever express. Your love and Your grace never fail me ... You're merciful touch always heals me ... You bring joy to my soul. Joy to my soul.


. . . giving voice to those with none . . .