Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I forget just how exciting reading about the early church really is!  Reading through this story today in the book of Acts just lit a fire of excitement in me.  I have been enjoying this new translation....the  Voice.....it really does draw you in to where you feel as if you are engaged in the story.....you are there. 
And now my mind draws a blank.  How many more ways can I communicate what I was just thinking?  I had such eloquence of thought and now....well let's just say it doesn't stick around for long!  Auuugggghhhh!!  
Today I just thought "oh, I'll just skip through a little way" and found that I could not tear myself away.  I was there!  The format of this rendering just pulls you in and immediately you are engaged with the characters, the setting, the feelings.....the drama of it all!  The words become alive and .....
I saw that poor gentleman whose friends brought him to the Beautiful Gate every day to ask for help from anyone with compassion.  I saw Peter & John "look intensely" at him and heard Peter, for the very first time really, say, "I want to give you something...." and I saw...really saw... that gentleman stand up and walk.  
I heard the dialogue continue as if I had been transported and was standing right there with  these people!  And I could hear it in my own native tongue regardless of what was actually spoken....it didn't matter.  
This was so very cool!  Just had to get it out there for whoever trips across this page.  Check it out.....Book of Acts Chapters 2 & 3 in the Voice.  When the authors subscripted this "step into the story of scripture," they weren't kidding.......you actually step into the story......

Be Blessed today my little friends of the ethereal world!  

...giving voice to those with none....