Saturday, March 13, 2010


This is a very cool time in my life....finding my "home" professionally.....working toward my master's degree.....the future possibilities are endless......and life is just plain ol' good, even with the IRS irritating us! Why can't they pick on somebody who actually has money they owe them, and leave money in the pockets of people who actually work for a living and honestly pay their taxes????
(a little off the subject here, a little ranting and, it's over!)

I have been reading the little book by Bruce Wilkinson called, "Beyond Jabez." Kathy so graciously loaned it to me. It is encouraging and irritating me at the same time. Why irritate? Because I want my prayers for my loved ones to be answered immediately, and without further struggle! Who am I kidding???? I know better than this! GOD has His own time for everything, because, and let's get real here for a minute, with Him there is no time! He is seasonal, He is full of life, but in Heaven, time does not exist. It is a creation of man, for man's sake, for man's own "convenience," and let's face has been a dismal failure, much like all of our own creations for our own benefit! GOD created cycles for us.....the rising and setting of the sun....the day....the seasons.....the tide.....the rotation of the earth in space.....but He did not create clocks. And while on that subject, let me just say that I absolutely adore clocks. They are fun. I don't like being a slave to clocks, but the older I get, I notice that they are moving more rapidly than ever before in my life! What's up with that? Obviously, my mind is all over the place this morning.

So, I will get straight to the point: I am on the section about enlarging territories. I cringe at this so often. I know that enlargement comes after and with growth, and that growth, more often than not, is painful to my flesh! I do not like pain. Jabez prayed for GOD to not allow him to cause pain, but he didn't ask for no pain. Way to go, Jabez! (she says sarcastically)
So, the little bit of "Much Afraid" that still exists within my soul, shies away from expansion in intercession once again. I could address the key that the LORD gave me as a gift this past Christmas. I could address the little whispers of release He has softly spoken in my ear about gates of the city.....I could address my excitement at possibilities of Kingdom glory I see in my spirit. But, I shall not. I shall not because little "Much Afraid" still cowers from pain. BUT, I know what my GOD can do.....I have seen it over and over and over again.
I will, however, keep the words spoken to me close to my heart, and meditate on the scriptures He is leading me to memorize and bask in during this season. I will, at some point, relinquish all my fears and let go, and let Him do His thing through me. Until then, geesh! Why hesitate? I don't do pain.

You have already enlarged my territory. You have already given me the key. I am at Memorial City.....the whole house, every weekend.......I will walk those halls....all of them, carrying with me the Glory of GOD throughout that house!
And for that I say:

"Thank You! Everything in me says 'Thank You!'
Angels listen as I sing my thanks. I kneel in worship facing Your holy temple and say it again; 'Thank You!' Thank You for Your love,
Thank You for Your faithfulness; thank You for Your Name, most holy is Your Word.
The moment I called out, You stepped in;
You made my life large with strength."
Psalm 138: 1-4
The Message

After this, what else is there to say? Really.

Sharoni voice to those with none....