Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Tonight I made a discovery..... I discovered the origins of the theater....the design of the venue, the layout of the seating and the purpose of its uniqueness.

As I stood on the sandy beach in the dark taking in the beauty and loveliness of the nature of the sea before me, I knew.....I just knew.  It became quite unmistakably clear .... how .... why......
the person standing alone on the beach is on the stage.  The waves as they roll in represent the response of the audience, the layers of the waves represent the elevations of theater seating.....orchestra, 1st mezzanine, 2nd mezzanine, balcony ... on and on it continues.

In the darkness with the lights of the resort at my back, their reflection emitting a brilliant white glow as each set of wave gently flowed in to settle as if in a bow before the one standing on sand, brought a brilliance to the moment.   This sand did not sink, but stood firm before the might of the water.  The waves seemed to respond to the offering of the one standing, whether in grand glory as they crashed loudly, or in a congratulatory quiet response of the moment.

I would have offered a song, but this moment called for a dance instead.  Not a grand and glorious dance, but a quiet, almost meditative movement in worship of the glory of creation at its simplest and most humble repose.

Water, earth, wind, light..... the elements of this world.....reflecting the elements from which we create our art in response to the great art of our King.

And that, my darlings, is that......for this evening anyway....

... giving voice to those with none ...