Tuesday, August 21, 2012


 I saw this quote on my google page this morning and thought about it a second.....well maybe two seconds, ok?  

"Yesterday's failures are today's seeds
that must be diligently planted to be
able to abundantly harvest
tomorrow's successes."
- Author Unknown 

So, I do not think I believe in failure.  I do believe that all experiences are moments to be treasured and grow and learn from.....not to consider triumph or defeat.  Should we compete with ourselves?  Should we compete with others?  What is the point of competition really?  Those who really like competition, who tout that it is "a healthy thing," that it makes us better...... huh uh.  Really??  Who are we kidding?  Ourselves mostly, and at the same time we are robbing ourselves of opportunities to enjoy other people, experiences, and ourselves as fully and completely as we should be.  
What purpose does competition serve but to allow us the opportunity to benefit from the perceived misfortune or loss of another precious human being?  Any argument to the contrary is only rationalization for behavior less than honorable.  

Should we then allow situations which seem to not resolve as we would have desired create a sense of failure or "less-than-ness" of our person?  I say .... nay.  
So I change the quote to better suit my philosophy of a happy, wholesome, and fulfilled life to:
                         "Yesterday's experiences are the seeds of opportunity that we 
                                   ought to plant to abundantly harvest tomorrow's blessings."  

Now that is an affirmation that I can really get behind and allow to guide me.  

And now....I am content!  :)

"You are a living magnet. What you
attract into your life is in harmony
with your dominant thoughts."
- Brian Tracy 

Alrighty then!! 

...giving voice to those with none.....