Friday, May 4, 2012

Declaring GOD's Word & Receiving His Promises

Again, as promised, the precious words of my pastor sharing GOD's word for us:

Day 2
"I am created to make a difference.  At just the right time, I am confident GOD will direct my steps and give me opportunities to be a blessing to others, to meet a need or to lift someone's spirit.  I will keep my eyes open for ways to be a light to those around me  This is my declaration of who I am."  

This is exactly where I start every morning.....I wait for my Father to direct my steps.  I try to never leave this house until we have spent our special time together and just love Him.  Nothing else is more important.....nothing else will carry me through each day.....nothing else thrills me like these times.  When I step off my balcony I do not "leave Him".... but carry the Holy Spirit with me.  Do I achieve my goals to bless others all the time?  Oh how I wish!  Wouldn't that be neat to be perfect?  But, alas, I am humanoid and hormonal way too often.  But those times, and they are more and more often now, when I stop, breathe, and then proceed to see what Jesus sees when He looks at that one or the group of "them" I face, it is no effort at all to love them......and to bless them.  Regardless.  And let's face it......people are not often kind....they live in their own "messes" and do not know where to turn or how to act.  We spew out frustration and pain all over the place and all over people.  That's when we get the wonderful opportunity to bless them......amazing and astounding things happen! 

Every interruption....every closed door.....every delay doesn't mean things are bad.......There is such a thing as a Divine interruption.......   Sometimes we are "inconvenienced" in order to help someone else.  Have a new perspective.   Joel shared a story about a time that Victoria "lost" her credit card and called in to the company to report it......the phone call resulted in a lovely young woman restoring her marriage and receiving a blessing and special ministry.  She was able to minister hope to a broken individual.  GOD will often "hide" things for us to be able to be those blessings.  We never know when the bottom has just fallen out of someone's life and our smile and welcoming "hello" may just be the oil that anoints that person with hope.  It's not all about me....what I plans....... It's about the Kingdom.....being a blessing.  GOD is counting on us to let our light shine and make a difference wherever we go.   (adapted from Joel's words)

See why I love this man so much?  He has the heart of Jesus.  And I want the heart of Jesus to be evident in my life.  Ah yes......

Sharoni voice to those with none....

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