Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Know who you are
Know what you want
Know what you are willing to give back to the world .........

I am a daughter of a king ... the Most High King.  My name is Sharon ... and He has nick-named me Sharoni (pronounced with an "ee"); in the same way He breathed Himself into Abram's name with the "H" (Hebrew .. GOD adding Himself, His life to that person) ... He gave me the "ee" which literally sparked a bounce in my life! 
As time has gone forward, all that matters in my life is that I be love to people.  Reflect GOD's love to people.  Be a blessing.  When I asked the Father what that meant, He said, 
"Sharoni, what do you hold in your hand right now... this moment... that you can give?  That's what you do."    
So, whenever I encounter someone, anyone, I give what I have ~ a simple "Hi, how are you?" (& I listen for their answer) ... a smile ... quietly paying for someone's meal in a restaurant (anonymously) .... not screaming at them in traffic (a big challenge) ... a prayer .... an encouraging word ... a hug ... a shared tear ... a lighted candle in remembrance of their loved one or need .... whatever it is ... wherever it may be .... those few dollars to the homeless on the street ... medicine or a loving touch to a patient ... 
that's the love of Christ .... that's my GOD .... that's my life ....
If I can be a light, it is through love.   Jesus said we are the light of the world, a city set on a hill.  I like to see those lights shine!  

Sharoni voice to those with none.... 

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